"POC" and "POCT" as an advantage in competition

smart 700/340 - Point-of-Care Center

Homocysteine and 7 other parameters – fully automatic measurement system

smart 700/340 - Point-of-Care Center

Point-of-Care directly translated means: “Site of Patient Care”!

Point-of-Care Testing can be translated as “immediate close-to-patient diagnostics“.

Counseling, treatment or therapy often lag behind because valuable time for counseling and treatment is neglected. It usually takes several days before a laboratory result is available. There is an alternative: nowadays more and more laboratory values can be determined instantly.
Conclusion: Important decision can be taken IMMEDIATELY.

The “smart” (single method automated reading technology) is a completely novel type of Point-of-Care Analyzer which unites wet chemistry measurement methods with the latest LED technology. The “smart” is easy, reliable and flexible in daily application routine, with a precision otherwise only known from large and expensive laboratory systems. Eight parameters can be processed from (a pricked finger) blood sample in just a few minutes.

The handy analytical device is a profitable investment for any user – owing to its great flexibility and the permanently growing test portfolios.


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