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Sun Protection Diagnostic SP37 - For sun protection counseling

Sunshine creates desires: for spending time outdoors, beach activities, feeling the warmth and cooling off in water.
And the skin?
It’s in the best mood.
If we know how to protect it.

Sunlight is doping for the body and soul. It makes us beautiful, happy, and produces energy. The shady side: too much sun causes sunburn, makes the connective tissue lose tension and produces irreparable cell damage – at worst, even cancer.

This when you come into play as the expert: Customers are looking more and more for individual and competent counseling when it comes to sun protection products.

The required sun protection depends on a variety of factors: one’s light-sensitivity type, the desired sun exposure time, the destination of travel, the travel season, the altitude of the holiday resort, and the presence of reflections. In general, the following applies: the closer to the ocean, the higher in the mountains, the close closer to the equator, the higher your sun protection factor will have to be.

The idea behind Sun Protection Diagnostic SP37: Your customers are supposed to be sensitized to the hazards of sunlight. The testing device enables a scientifically exact determination of the melanin content and thus the skin’s own protection function against hazardous UV radiation. In addition, the device integrates the factors that influence the selection of the sun protection factor (SPF) into the measurement.

The result is an individualized sun protection including one’s own protection period which allows unprotected sun exposure. Your customers will be surprised how short their natural own unprotected sun exposure time really is.

Perfect old-age provision: To prevent the tan of today from becoming the wrinkles of tomorrow, it is reasonable that sun protection products also contain anti-aging substances. Your customer will be excited.


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