Quo-Test A1C - it's never been so easy

Quo-Test A1C - Fully Automatic HBA1C Measurement Center

only requires 4 µl blood
laboratory-precise results in 4 minutes
Boronate Affinity Fluorescence Quenching
Quo-Test A1C is an excellent and precise test for low-volume laboratories or pharmacies. The system produces consistent and rapid results and relies on the known affinity of boronic acid in binding cis-diol residues derived from carbohydrates.
Quo-Test A1C is a fully automatic device which does not require any separation steps. In practical work, this approach gives the user advantages concerning convenience, speed, and system reliability. This also nearly fully rules out false measurements which might arise when different users apply the device.

Quo-Test A1C complies with IFCC reference method and produces results in conformity with the respective guidelines of the DCCT, IFCC, Mono-S or JDS and is certified according to NGSP.

Long-term blood sugar - HBA1C
Blood sugar can bind to hemoglobin, the red blood pigment, thus giving rise to HBA1C formation.
Measuring HBA1C in blood serves to check the long-term blood sugar level in diabetics. Diabetes can be diagnosed at an early stage by measuring the HBA1C value.


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