Bone quality check with the OSTEO pro SMART for prevention and customer binding

OSTEO pro SMART - Ultrasound Osteodensitometer – Measurement on the easy accessible heel bone

Ideal opportunity to introduce a customer dialogue with an indication to the importance of calcium and a vitamin-D-rich diet or supplements.

The Advantages of OSTEO pro SMART

More exactly
  • OSTEO pro SMART will give you reliable diagnostic results as it applies the diagnostic standard parameters of the WHO.
  • The OSTEO pro SMART uses oil instead of water for diagnostics. Oil behaves like water but is not influenced by temperature variations. This special method educes the occurrence of diagnostic errors and improves the reproducibility of the results to an incredible extent.
  • The precision of the T-score is below 0.1 percent.

More economy
  • One of the greatest strengths for the OSTEO pro SMART is its balloon made of a very robust material.
  • As the balloon is very resistant, there is no risk that the balloon pressure decreases.

More practicability
  • The OSTEO pro SMART is easy to transport and can also be applied without difficulty in limited spaces.

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