Mobile Desktop Spirometer High-Quality Measurement of Pulmonary Function

MicroLab ML3500 - Mobile Desktop Spirometer High-Quality Measurement of Pulmonary Function

Mobile Desktop Spirometer for high-quality measurement of pulmonary function
The frequency rate of your breathing – and several parameters more– is registered by the Spirometer MicroLab 3500.
An increased resistance in the lungs produces a reduced flow rate of breathing air. This may be an indication to a disease, like asthma or COPD, for example.
The results are graphically represented on a high-resolution display and can also be printed out directly whenever needed with the integrated printer.

A sick lung accumulates contaminants when it is regularly exposed to pollutants and hence loses its capability to clear itself. This state of pollution changes the bronchial mucosa and the ciliated epithelium perishes. Xenobiotics and excessive mucus accumulate, have to be coughed up regularly, and finally result in inflammations. Bronchial swelling and spasms produce a permanent constriction of the airways. The body can no longer supply itself with enough oxygen. The result is respiratory distress.

The significance of the lungs and pulmonary disease is often underestimated. The consequence is a too careless attitude towards this vital organ. Coughing and other breathing problems are played down, self-medicated, or endured over a longer period of time. An obvious increase or certain persisting symptoms such as coughing, dyspnea on exertion, frequent influenzal infects must not be trivialized. They could be preliminary signs of a severe pulmonary disease, for example, asthma or COPD (chronic obstructive bronchitis) and need to be taken seriously.

COPD as a common disease is treacherous because the symptoms appear insidiously and are initially ignored by many. In this disease there is a constriction of the bronchi and an overinflation of pulmonary tissue. This imposes a stress on the heart in particular, which ceases to function properly under the condition of deficient oxygen supply.

Active lung protection
Endurance sport activities, healthy diet and fresh air strengthen the health of the lungs. Inhaling exhaust fumes, dusts, and especially cigarette smoke is poisonous to the lungs and should be avoided.

Measured values:
VITAL CAPACITY (VC): volume of air exhaled from the lungs in a gradual/relaxed process subsequent to maximum inspiration.

FORCED VITAL CAPACITY (FVC): air volume which is discharged from the lungs under force subsequent to maximum inspiration.

FORCED EXPIRATORY VOLUME (FEV1) air volume which is expired from the lungs under force within the first seconds - subsequent to maximum inspiration.

FEV1 / FVC RATIO: Forced expiratory volume, expressed as percentage relative to the FVC.

PEF peak expiratory flow


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