Unique Lipid Analyzer with Gold Standard

Cholestech LDX - Lipid Analyzer

  • 5 minutes - Laboratory-precise result
  • Lipid profile with 7 individual parameters, simultaneous

Cholestech LDX

The Cholestech LDX Analyzer produces fast laboratory-precise results with only one drop of blood. An instant test analyzer with numerous applications.

Just measuring your cholesterol value is often not enough. Everybody speaks of cholesterol when it comes to the controversial topic of arteriosclerosis, i.e. the pathologic alteration of arteries. Arteriosclerosis and hence cardiovascular diseases belong to the most frequently occurring diseases. For example, under certain circumstances, a total cholesterol value above 200 mg/dL might be considered as a hazard to health. However, the cholesterol value alone says nothing about your personal risks. It is therefore necessary to measure various blood lipids in order to establish a lipid profile.

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