FIT instead of FAT

Health Monitor - Determination of Body Fat

Ready, set, go! The German Federal Government is decided to mobilize 40 million overweight people in Germany with the “Five-Point FIT-instead-of-Fat Action Plan”. Until 2020, 20% less people are to be overweight than are today.
  • Screening analyzer for the measurement of body fat percentage
  • BIA method
  • Determination of the BMI value

Health Monitor

Health Monitor

Regarding this current topic we have the right body-fat analyzer for you. The Health Monitor is an ideal and inexpensive screening analyzer of the body-fat proportion according to the traditional BIA method (bioelectric impedance method). The result is classified in 5 body-fat levels. The BMI value * (Body-Mass Index) is additionally determined. Another important piece of information – i.e. the energy conversion in kcal during a normal day – is also displayed. You can store all the data from a maximum of nine test subjects. Each measurement takes less than one minute.

This is the first step to a healthier life.

*The equation is: BMI = body weight: (body weight in meters) squared. A BMI value between 18.5 and 25 is normal, between 25 and 30 there is overweight and beyond 30 a condition of obesity (= pathological adiposity).


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