Near-infrared body-fat analyzer

FUTREX 6100 XL - Body Fat Analyzer – Infrared System

Rapid and precise measurement with display of body fat, water balance, fat-free mass and BMI
Delivery includes FUTREX Control Software.

FUTREX 6100/XL - above 18 years
Stand Alone + Online Operation

Futrex 6100 A/ZL - above 5 years
Stand Alone + Online Operation

For a long time, hydrostatic weighing was the only way to precisely determine the percentage of body fat. This method is expensive, costs time, and is unpleasant for the test subjects. Body-fat measurements can now be done much easier, faster, but with the same precision by using the FUTREX Body Fat Analyzer. The Futrex Control Software included in the delivery has some more advantages to offer.

FUTREX works with innovative near-infrared measurement technology. The applied specific wavelengths of light are absorbed by adipose tissue. The percentage of body fat is exactly determined by measurement of the quantity of absorbed light.

In addition to dietary counseling, offer your patients and customers professional and scientifically substantiated body-fat measurement with the FUTREX body-fat analyzer. A near-infrared measurement on the biceps muscle is all it takes, body fat, water balance, fat-free mass and BMI are printed out immediately.
FUTREX Control is the ideal supplement to your FUTREX Body Fat Analyzer.
The software gives you the opportunity to manage you customers and optically display measurement results. Apart from the definition of the desired target weight it also allows the inclusion of other important values, such as heart rate, blood pressure and fitness level into the evaluations.

Body fat
Women possess approximately  5-10 % more body fat than men. The reason for this are the reserves for pregnancy and lactation. Neither the Broca equation (Broca Index) nor the body-mass index considers the body-fat percentage, i.e. the ratio of passive fat and active muscle and organ tissue. But the percentage of body fat has an essential influence on the basic metabolism and hence energy consumption.
A measurement of body fat consequently displays the true condition of fitness, because being slim is not identical with being fit! A relative high fat proportion cannot be seen at first sight, for example, in slim but “not very sporty women”. Women have a large proportion of body fat hidden inside their bodies, whereas it is more obvious men in the shape of a belly!
Body fat ranging over 25% in men or 35% in women constitutes a health concern, whereby mortality of slight overweight but stamina-trained individuals is hardly increased.


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