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FORMplus - Free Oxygen Radicals Monitor - Oxidative Stress & Antioxidative Defence & 3 Other Parameters

  • Oxidative stress (free oxygen radicals)
  • Antioxidative defence
  • Uric acid, hematocrit, hemoglobin
  • On drop of capillary blood is all it takes
  • Results within several minutes each
  • Ideal for continual checks of antioxidant supplementation
  • Absorption photometer with integrated thermoprinter and result print-out and background-illuminated LCD display

Radicals attack our body

Airborne pollutants, legal drugs and stimulants, and excessive job and recreational stress impose a burden on your body. Stress hormones are increasingly discharged. Stress by exposure to “free oxygen radicals” – these are the first signs of “oxidative stress”. The health impairing consequences consist in progredient cell damage. Serious risks are pre-programmed: cancer, weakening of the immune system, diabetes, arteriosclerosis; many chronic conditions start developing from here.

Antioxidants constitute a means of cell protection in a healthy body. They stop the chain reaction of cell damage. However, their sufficient supply in food is hardly possible today. Dietary supplements are therefore on the daily menu. However, they should by all means be taken purposefully, hence indication-related like a drug.

For this reason, measure first, then supplement. With the FORMplus absorption photometer you will obtain laboratory-precise results directly and will be capable to give professional and competent advocacy. You provide all-in-one services since you will be able to offer tests for uric acid, hematocrit, and hemoglobin in addition to measuring  the “free oxygen radicals” and “antioxidative defence”. Uric acid present in physiological concentration in the extracellular compartments, for example, elicits antioxidative actions on water-soluble radicals.

In a few minutes, with one drop of capillary blood each.

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