The balance must be right: free oxygen radicals - antioxidative defence!

FORMox - FORMox - Free Oxygen Radicals Monitor ox Absorption Photometer

Fast, easy and laboratory-precise measurements:
  • Oxidative stress (free oxygen radicals test/FORT)
  • Antioxidative defence (FORD)
  • Results ready in 6 or 7 minutes
  • with one drop of capillary blood


The FORMox  “Free Oxygen Radicals Monitor” enables an exact, easy, and fast determination of oxidative stress (free oxygen radicals) and antioxidative capacity with only one drop of blood.

Two product variants are available: FORMox I for the measurement of free oxygen radicals and FORMox II with the additional parameter “antioxidative defence”. FORMox I units can be upgraded. Please contact us.

FORMox is a space-saving absorption photometer, results can be read off the display. A MUST if it comes to issues like anti-aging and prevention. Free oxygen radicals are involved in the development of numerous diseases, for example, cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, dementias …

It is the ideal test tool for counseling and finding the answer to many questions like: How can I protect myself against free oxygen radicals? How does my lifestyle or conduct of life influence my oxidative stress – tobacco smoking, UV exposure, malnutrition – just to mention a few examples. How can I positively influence the natural process of aging? Such questions automatically lead to the antioxidative capacity, the body’s own “defense” against free oxygen radicals. Which dietary supplements are recommended for a healthy balanced diet?

FORMox – ideal for a continuous monitoring of your dietary supplementation  with antioxidants!

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