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FORM CR3000 MiniLab - FORM CR3000 MiniLab - Free Oxygen Radicals Monitor - 13 Parameters

Instant diagnostics to determine oxidative stress and antioxidative defense as well as 11 other parameters, with the option of running three tests simultaneously in three measurement cells.
Instantaneous diagnostics is gaining more and more importance in the prevention of diseases. We support this development and have taken it as our task to provide you with powerful, fast, and reliable instant diagnostics which will allow you to work cost-effectively and save time. FORM CR3000 MiniLab facilitates the procedures, increases throughputs by enabling parallel measurements, and thus reduces testing time.

The time between sampling and the issuance of the analytical result is optimized, necessary decisions can be taken sooner and faster. This produces verifiable, positive effects to the benefit of the person tested.

Allow yourself this modern preventive healthcare concept of patient-oriented instant diagnostics!

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