Shorten the waiting time for your customers with the fully automatic Aster blood-pressure system

Aster - Blood-Pressure/Heart-Rate Self-Measurement Station

Stand-alone blood-pressure measuring unit with print-out and option to store the values on a chip card.
The user is guided by the integrated LCD display which enables operation completely without assistance.
Aster complies with the precision standards of automated blood-pressure measurements.


The Aster blood-pressure/heart-rate measuring station gives your customers the opportunity to measure their blood pressure fully automatically and print out the results. The measured values can also be stored on a chip card.

Systoles and diastoles are determined by an oscilloscope sensor with temperature compensator.

The LC display and speech output guides you through the entire measurement process.

In addition, you will receive a digital display of the values determined by the oscilloscope sensors on your screen, together with a simultaneous control of the graphical representation of the Korotkoff’s sounds.

The motor-driven cuff is equipped with an automatic inflation device and maximum pressure finder.

Aster has a coin slot which recognizes various coin types and displays on its screen the value thrown in and the outstanding sum required for starting the measurement.

In order to draw the attention of your customers to Aster the measurement station disposes of a sensor is capable of triggering a pre-set acoustic value level.

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