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Customer binding – the magic key to your success.

The increasing market transformations and the health-political changes as well as the intensification of competition make self- distinction and sharpening one’s profile a necessity. Customer orientation and customer service are the most significant potential to distinguish oneself from competitors. For this purpose, we will provide you relevant concepts, ideas, and service provisions.

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” (John Ruskin)

Turnover increase through customer binding.

Only by increasing counseling performances and offensive strategies, which means variegated prevention offers integrated in health check campaigns can higher turnovers per customer be achieved  - ideal approaches for customer-binding concepts.

marketing experts also agree in this:
Multiple & regular customers => 20% costs + 80% turnover
Interested customers & one-time customers => 80% costs + 20% turnover

With confident counseling  activities and an efficient sales strategy you will be able to win, in particular,  loyal and satisfied regular customers  for private health checks and sell supplemental and higher quality products by means of cross-selling and up-selling. 
People do not buy health. People buy “problem solutions” and “individual guidance”.

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