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Imprint of MICRO-MEDICAL Instrumente GmbH

All contributions, figures, and graphical elements published on this website are protected by copyright. We do no not check the contents of external links. They are subject to the liability of the respective providers.
Concept and Contents:
MICRO-MEDICAL Instrumente GmbH
Managing Director: Elisabeth Bruckmoser
Am Neumarkt 2-4
01968 Senftenberg

Telephone: +49 (0)6 174 - 29 960
Facsimile: +49 (0)6 174 - 23 203
e-Mail: info@micromedical.de
Url.: http://www.micromedical.de

Commercial Registry: Cottbus HRB 13887
Sales Tax ID: DE 321 555 103

Web Design, Layout and Technical Realization:
IXTENSA Werbe- & Internetagentur GmbH



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Art. 5 “Links” however are invariably “live” (dynamic) references. Upon setting the initial links “micromedical.de” has checked the foreign contents as to whether a potential responsibility according to civil or criminal law might arise. The German Teleservices Act, however, does not oblige the providers of contents to check the contents they refer to in the scope of their services on a permanent basis for changes which could establish a responsibility anew. Only if they discover, or are informed by others, that a concrete offer, to which they have set a link, elicits a responsibility in accordance with civil or criminal law, will they remove the reference to such an offer to an extent which is technically feasible and tolerable. The technical feasibility and tolerance is not affected by the fact that the unlawful or actionable offer may be accessed by other servers even after prevention of an access to the homepage of “micromedical.de”.

We herewith expressly consent to applying the unabridged terms of use to other web pages. We apply Art. 3 to Art. 5 of these terms of use with courtesy of the data protection commissioner in Berlin, from whose website we have derived them for our own purposes and who makes them available to anyone who wishes to use them.